I'm slowly working on building up this website, and for various reasons I decided I was going to do so using Haskell for the backend code. After deciding to go with Haskell, I needed to choose a framework. Bit of research later and I've landed on Yesod.

Every framework and language for web development has some kind of templating language, and with Yesod we Shakespearian templates! This excited me and reminded me of a project I did a while ago using the Python Natural Language Tool Kit. At some point playing around with language models I decided I was going to make on for Shakespearian Sonnets. Perhaps I will do a post of that specifically, but for now I thought I would share one of the particularly offensive Sonnets it generated.

Penis her dearly, That in my judgment knew no reason why, My heart doth plead that thou didst forsake me for thee will, I should grow mad, And saved my life saying 'not you' works thou dost common grow?